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Tips for an Eco-Friendly Easter

By Maria Karagiannis

Spring has officially arrived, and that means springtime holidays and celebrations are upon us, Easter being one of the most notable among them. Although modern Easter and spring celebrations have become quite commercialized, there are still many ways to celebrate without harming the environment! The majority of these tips can be applied to any celebration.

Digital Invitations

Go paperless and invite guests to your celebration digitally with a text or email. In addition to saving paper, this option is often free and can also save you time!


When decorating your space, look around your home first to see if there are items you own that can be repurposed as decor, borrow items from a friend or neighbor, or check your local thrift store. You can also rent items, such as these beautiful faux floral arrangements from Silk Stem Collective!


When setting your table, opt for reusable items - real plates, cups, and cutlery! You can use items that you already own, borrow, rent, or thrift.


When planning your event's menu, do your best to choose dishes that use ingredients that are local and seasonal to your area. Stop by your local farmers' market to see what is available and in-season!


dyeing eggs

Dyeing eggs with natural dyeing methods is a great way to reduce plastic waste and avoid synthetic dyes and ingredients. The best part? You can use kitchen scraps that might otherwise go to waste to dye your eggs! Here is a tutorial for dyeing eggs naturally, and here is one specifically for dyeing eggs red for Greek Easter. Not into dyeing eggs? There are many chickens that naturally lay eggs that are green or pink! Check with your local farmers market to see if you can find a colorful assortment like we did!

egg hunt

If you already own a collection of plastic eggs, definitely continue to use those until they've reached the end of their useful life. However, if you're in the market for eggs to fill, you may want to check out hollow wooden eggs, metal eggs, or fabric eggs! Then, instead of filling them with plastic-wrapped candies, opt for candy either wrapped in foil or purchased loose or in bulk. You can also fill them with things like coins, crystals, or pretty buttons!


If you're looking for a new basket either to give a gift in or for a child to collect their eggs in, check out your local thrift store! Avoid using faux plastic grass in the bottom of gift baskets - plastic grass is not only harmful to the environment, but can be a hazard for young children. A better alternative is shredded paper!

Easter Styled Shoot

Florals: Silk Stem Collective

Design: Emily Thomas & Maria Karagiannis

Photography: Maria Karagiannis

Place Cards: Calligraphy by Jessica Yee

Maria Karagiannis is one of the co-founders of the Green Wedding Guild and owner of KaraMia Events. After planning her own low-waste wedding, it has become her mission as a certified wedding planner and eco-ethical vendor to help others reduce the impact of their events.

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