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Emerald & Earthtones; Sustainable Elopement Inspiration

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Part 2 of our Green Elopement Styled Shoot Challenge 2022, in partnership with ElopeNC

Earth tones and emeralds set the scene for this brunch styled shoot! Vidr Photography captured this stunning setup by Beauty & the Budget Events, and it has us reveling in the gorgeous greens!

"This aesthetic started with the emerald jewel-tones complemented with earth-tones like browns, but the brunch theme was the star here. I really enjoyed featuring brunch treats, not only the food, but as an edible centerpiece. The small treats were pretty and on a variety of stands, with green fruits spread on the table beneath, so nearly every part of the table design was rented or edible. The decor from the ceremony was repurposed for the sweetheart table design, and we wanted to show that elopements can be beautiful without being extravagant." -Stephanie (Beauty & the Budget)

Gowns: Beautiful & Borrowed Bridal (Green Wedding Guild Member)

The gown used in this shoot is being consigned

with Beautiful & Borrowed Bridal by their previous owner. Renting your gown is a great way to avoid a one time use article of clothing, but if you do choose to buy new you can still consider renting it out afterward!

Suit: New York Bride & Groom

The suit worn by the model was borrowed from NY Bride & Groom, who offers suit rentals. By planning ahead, they were able to bring in this suit on their regular weekly van instead of rushing delivery.

Jewelry: Diamond's Direct

Naturally Stephanie selected jewelry with emeralds for this shoot, and they sure sparkled! Diamond's Direct guarantees conflict free diamonds, and these rings had a lovely circle of them around the central emerald.

Hair: Stolochi Hair

To style this models' hair Stolochi Hair used TRUSS products, a brand whose hair care products are vegan and contain organic ingredients.

Makeup & Officiant: Ministry Makeup (Green Wedding Guild Member)

Ministry Makeup not only uses clean beauty

products in their makeup artistry, they are also an ordained wedding minster! Talk about a one stop shop!

Florist: Élan House

Élan House tries to source seasonally from local flower farms as much as possible, and for this shoot they experimented with a non-toxic method for dyeing pampas grass.

"I wanted to create something out of the ordinary, using minimal blooms that could be used repeatedly. I played off Stephanie’s color choice of Emerald, which signifies balance and harmony. "

"The dyeing process is usually highly polluting and involves many chemicals, water usage, and waste. I used a process that uses less energy and water than conventional dying techniques. The process reduces energy and emissions drastically. I've researched numerous vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free options that have given birth to a more responsible way for me to create custom-colored pampas stems. It's sustainable and used repeatedly." -Shannon (Élan House)

Dessert: Crepe Cakerie

Stephanie knew she wanted to with a brunch theme, and who better to cater those desserts than the Crepe Cakerie! Bite sized blueberry crepes and pecan bites, yum!

Rentals: Southern Vintage Table (Green Wedding Guild Member)

Vintage decor is a great option for sustainability since the sourcing for vintage items is second hand! Whether you are thrifting yourself or renting from a company that has thrifted for you, you can find some truly unique pieces to add to your wedding day decor! Stephanie found these earth tone china, wooden candlestick holders, and vintage depression glass goblets at Southern Vintage Table, along with other fun vintage decor pieces used in this tablescape.

"I enjoyed roaming throughout the other designs and having conversations with the other vendors. Seeing how differently the teams created eco-conscious designs showed that there are tons of options." -Stephanie (Beauty & the Budget)

Planner: Beauty & the Budget Photographer: Vidr Photography Florist: Élan House Rentals: Southern Vintage Table Gown: Beautiful & Borrowed Bridal Suit: New York Bride & Groom

Jewelry: Diamond's Direct Dessert: Crepe Cakerie Hair: Stolochi Hair Makeup & Officiant: Ministry Makeup Live Painting: Stroke of Whimsy

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